Monday, 25 August 2008

Why not wag our minds and thoughts instead of our tongues?

“The Tongue, like a sharp knife… kills without drawing blood”-GUATAMA BUDDAH

For our nation to develop beyond our current level of development; for the youth of the nation to live tolerant lives; and for the country to effectively unite beyond parochial tribal allegiances, Ghanaians must ‘crack’ and ‘shake’ our minds and not wag our tongues to create confusion. The peace that our beloved nation enjoys currently can easily be strengthened or undone by the simple utterances that we spew out on political platforms or on air. There is nothing really bad about politics but the utterances of our political leaders and their supporters make it so. Most of the times, the youth of this nation are encouraged to lead decent and God-fearing lives, but it is sad to know that, the very leaders who are heard constantly reminding the youth of their obligation to lead clean lives are hypocritically being heard on air disgorging tons of filthy words for the consumption of the nation.

In recent times, some notable politicians are constantly heard exchanging filthy words on air and it is sad to know that, more often than not, these are Parliamentarians who pride themselves of being the nation’s lawmakers and who are given the enviable title of ‘Honorable’. And there is one particular Parliamentarian who has acquired that infamy of being a ‘filthy talker’. What is so honourable about a man who is constantly heard using insulting words that a child would not even use during playtime? Such so-called honourable men must under no circumstances be allowed to corrupt the morals of the state, and the radio stations must take the vanguard role in this campaign. Of course, why must programme producers and presenters invite people whose only language is insult?

In the interest of the state, if any member of the state feels aggrieved in any way, the law system of the country is there for all to seek redress; the gales of insults only corrupt the ideals of our society. Ghanaians must, as a matter of necessity, be wary of such people parading themselves as rich, development-oriented people canvassing for our votes and mandates to rule us.

The need to use decorous language in our every day lives must not be thrown away in these times of political campaigns as these are the times Ghanaians need to demonstrate that, we are indeed a decent breed of people who treasure the peace and tranquility that we have attained over the years and who are ready to maintain the morality of the state even in the face of any provocative attacks from across the political divide.

It is heartwarming that our Presidential candidates, especially those of the two main political parties have resolved to embark on their political campaigns devoid of insults and acrimony but focusing on issues that directly affect the lives of Ghanaians. So far they have amply demonstrated that they are fully committed to this pledge. Political functionaries, who think they are so rich and thus could buy everyone of us with their money and by extension use insolent language on air to the chagrin of all of us, must be told straight to their face that we are not interested in their kind of politics. In as much as false accusations and counter-accusations will be flying here and there during this electioneering season, the desire to gain political authority that underlines the campaigns of all political parties must not negate the need to be constructive and by so doing, keep our peace.

In times like this, the feelings of people are up on edge and politicians must not be given the opportunity to exploit the situation to stoke the fire. Owners of radio stations, as said above, must make a promise to Ghanaians not to bring rabble-rousers, insult-mongers and all those whose actions threaten to destabilize our fragile peace, to their studios even if these so-called politicians are the last resort of knowledge. We should be reminded that, in places like Rwanda, the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed suffered their fate as a result of the incitement caused by the perpetrators of that brutal war that swept across that country.

We need peace and peace is all we asked for from our political leaders.

in his 'Eric's Diary' in the dailyEXPRESS.

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